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We At RD Blossoms believe in the beauty of nature and take pride is selling the finest of plants, flowers, and more. We are here to make the concrete jungle, we call home, a greener and more sustainable space through customized gardening solutions. Through our Own Grown Farms, we bring you beautiful flowers, plants, and more.

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These have come as a surprise when I ordered through RDBlossoms. The plants were delivered in a healthy condition and have only grown since. These can also be great for gifting as the plants come in separate boxes.
I received both the plants in good condition and packaging was very nice. Pot was with enough of soil. The pots are also quite good and can be placed in central area of home. Loved on time delivery.
The plants were delivered very nicely packed, clean and fresh. Definitely a very beautiful addition to my home aesthetics. You can keep it in bedroom as well , it has air purifying properties as well, so it's quite good health wise too. You just need to water it thrice a week and indirect sunlight needed. Really happy with the product.
Saurabh chauhan
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